hour footage of man doing various exer▓cise

in the apartment.But how does▓

his project had been reported on Chinese socia

l▓ media, questions concerned whether this project really help to protect single women wh

o live alone and reduce the crime rates have been raised amongst Ch▓inese netizens.“This is a good idea, but if the system is made commercial▓ly available in the country, criminals will soon realize that the

silhouette of ma▓n is fake and further confirm that apartments usin

g this service are single women who live alone, which might increase the possibility of committing crimes,&rd▓quo; commented by a user @zhangcunren on China’s Twitter-like Weibo.“What if women living in the same building us

the system work? Women

  • e the project at the same time? It will be e

    asy for criminals to identify that the shadows are automatically made since they

    are repeated motions,” another us

  • er @weifengchuiluanlewodefa wrote on Weibo.T

    herefore, although it is considerate to design such a project, there are still a

    lot of defects of this system since it

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